What is Umma Gamma?

Umma Gamma is word search coloring book series. The name comes from the Russian word “um” which translates as “mind” and a play on the word “game”.

How does it work?

Each Umma Gamma coloring book contains letter collages with a list of words that make up each one. The letters of each word on the list are split up and jumbled across the page.

The concept is very straightforward: find each letter of each word and color it in. If you use a different color for each word, so that the colors of the letters match, you might be impressed by the results. In the end you will end up with a jumble of words that’s easier to recognize. This will help you keep track of your progress as you move forward.

Who is Umma Gamma for?

If you love coloring books and word searches, then this series is for you. Umma Gamma combines both activities. You can search for words and color them in anyway you choose.

What is the best way to color Umma Gamma?

The best way to color in all current editions of Umma Gamma is to use color pencils. Umma Gamma is printed through Amazon publishing and there is no possibility of selecting a thicker, higher-grade paper stock. Watercolor paints or liquid markers would bleed through because of this.

If you want to see more editions of Umma Gamma please support the idea by leaving a review on Amazon and checking out my website at www.samokish.ca to learn more about my work.